Hi, my name’s Chris Pacheco. I’m an editor at Lion’s Roar, father to three boys and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner. As an editor, I’ve been fortunate to work with some incredibly amazing people on a daily basis; from renowned Buddhist monks, to world-class psychologists, and scientists on the cutting edge.

One of my main roles is to sort through vast amounts of content to curate what I believe will be most impactful. This website puts that skill to use by combining ancient wisdom, psychology, and science-based research toward the cultivation of ideas that just might help you live a better life.

Change your brain

If you’ve ever wondered how you can use your mind to change your brain for the better, you might enjoy listening to the podcast I did with psychologist and author Rick Hanson.

Mindful of mortality

There’s no better way I know to reduce procrastination, clarify your values, and find meaning in your life than by practicing death awareness. It can be life-changing. If you want to go deeper on the subject, I spoke with Buddhist teacher Nikki Mirghafori on what it means to be mindful of our mortality, and how we can live and love better by facing and embracing our mortality.

Work with anxiety

Difficult emotions are something that all of us experience at one point in our lives. Anxiety can be one of the most uncomfortable feelings to work with. But is it actually a problem? If you’ve ever tried, attempting to control our feelings of anxiety only makes it worse. So what are we to do instead? I spoke with psychotherapist and author Bruce Tift who offers some suggestions.

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